Obtaining chapter Membership

Our chapter is open to anyone with an interest in computing. We do not collect any membership dues, and chapter membership is obtained after attending chapter events.

active member status

To be considered an Active Member of the chapter, an individual must attend at least one chapter event per Fall and Spring semester of the given academic year.


We encourage all our members, both active and inactive, to join our Discord Server. Current active or alumni members are welcome to join our LinkedIn group which is a growing community intended to promote sharing of career insights and opportunities.


There are two ways to officially receive recognition for chapter membership. Signup on Nole Central to receive credit as an FSU student participating in a Recognized Student Organization (RSO).

Join our parent organization, the Association for Computing Machinery, and select a student membership (~$20 USD) to formally join the Association as a member. Benefits included with a formal membership are listed here.

Joining Chapter leadership

Our leadership is comprised of both elected and appointed officers. All leadership positions have a 12 month term, with elections typically taking place in April and terms beginning in May. Appointed officers are elected via votes cast by each newly elected executive board.