Our workshops cover a wide range of topics and are given by any interested individual with a background in the topic being discussed. Workshops often cover an introduction to a programming language, library, tool, or other interesting technology. Previous topics have included Python programming, Git, Machine Learning, and Unity.


The international ACM organization regularly hosts TechTalks featuring industry professionals, ACM award laureates, and researchers from industry and academia. Past topics have included: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data and Data Science, Blockchain, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, JavaScript, Microservices, Python, Quantum Computing, and more. Our chapter participates in the webinar, and invites all chapter members to attend. These talks are often cover material at a more advanced compared to our chapter workshops. More information regarding ACM TechTalks can be found at

Employer Info Sessions

Our organization is frequently contacted by employers who are interested talking to our chapter about the kind of work the company does, and the types of jobs available to applicants. These info sessions allow for chapter members to meet recruiters face to face in a low pressure environment, learn how to be a competitive applicant, and ask questions about a company’s workplace and culture.

Faculty and Alumni Lectures

Our chapter is closely affiliated with the Department of Computer Science at FSU. As such, we welcome faculty members to speak to our chapter about their research, and careers more broadly. This is an excellent opportunity for members to learn about advanced topics in computer science, and life in academia, while also providing faculty a medium to meet individuals who may desire to assist in research.

One of the greatest uncertainties students have revolves around life after graduation. In addition to faculty, our organization asks former chapter members to talk with current students about life in the industry, how to prepare for life after graduation, and things they wished they had known or done differently while still in school.

Department Cookouts

Each semester, we host a cookout for our members and the department faulty. These events typically take place at the FSU Rez where we offer a variety of food and games.

Game nights

Our chapter will host game nights each semester which allow our members to meet up and play a variety of tabletop, console, and computer games. Occasionally we will host competitive LAN play as well.