DataCamp with ACM @ FSU

Almost six months ago, ACM at FSU partnered with DataCamp Donates. DataCamp Donates believes that education is a human right and that everyone should be able to strengthen their data literacy if they wish. They amplify this mission by donating licenses to organizations, like ACM@FSU, which distributes free DataCamp access to students who are otherwise unable to access DataCamp due to various barriers. 

Ever since we distributed our licenses, our group has completed 0ver 50 courses, with over 200 hours of learning. Students have completed courses related to data analysis in various languages, machine learning, and even new courses that delve into the fundamentals of Chat GPT. This has been an amazing opportunity for ACM and it has certainly closed a lot of skill gaps for FSU students looking to enter the workforce.

As we go through the summer semester at FSU, ACM hopes amidst enjoying summer vacation our DataCamp group can continue their data literacy education with ease. 

For those of you wondering how to further your data literacy education for yourself or your organization, I suggest you apply for a premium DataCamp membership through ACM at FSU using this link.

If you are looking to secure licenses to distribute to your organization, I highly recommend applying to DataCamp Donates! Their application process is straightforward. The link for the application is here.

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