TechNOLEgy and ACM

  • 4 years ago

TechNOLEgy is a new RSO that has recently found a very strong following at FSU. TechNOLEgy has a mission: “make computer programming a social and interdisciplinary experience” and so far their message has been answered by enthusiastic students wanting to immerse themselves in this knowledge.
ACM is excited to see groups of students banding together to create and conquer the tech world and we have made moves to support and co-sponsor with TechNOLEgy in the future. We see this organization as another way for CS students to hone their skills, build things, and give back to the FSU student community.


“TechNOLEgy is a new Recognized Student Organization at FSU dedicated to making computer programming a social and interdisciplinary experience. The organization was founded on July 4, 2013 by Ryan Kopinsky, Ph.D. Student in Mechanical Engineering.
TechNOLEgy hopes to inspire students from all majors and experience levels to develop innovative problem solving skills by working on real-world tech projects. The projects are peer-led and technology-based, ranging anywhere from building mobile apps to developing software and hardware. No matter what experience level, students will bring their own set of talents to the table. We currently have representation from over 20 different majors. It is with these diverse talents that we can create amazing technology while having fun at the same time.
One of our aims is to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit at FSU by transforming these projects into marketable products, so students will be involved from the coding phase to the marketing phase. Currently we are trying to establish partnerships with alumni, entrepreneurs and experts, who can provide TechNOLEgy with mentoring and networking opportunities or even startup funding. We are also looking forward to collaborating with other RSOs and departments on campus.
With all of these elements coming together, TechNOLEgy and FSU will be unstoppable. We hope you will join us.”


To find out more about TechNOLEgy and how you can get involved:


Current Projects By The Group:

  • Project 1: A real-time data acquisition and analytics platform for campuses
    (e.g. number of people at Strozier, line at Starbucks etc)
  • Project 2: A crowd map for FSU – a heatmap showing how crowded spaces/ events are on campus
  • Project 3: Plant identification using image processing/ computer vision
  • Project 4: Tweet2Tune – tweet to add songs to a radio queue
  • Project 5: UnifiedCalendar – a calendar to sync schedules and schedule events among friends
    (e.g. going to the gym together)

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