Alexis Ohanian and the Without Their Permission Tour

  • 4 years ago

Alexis Ohanian is probably best known for co-founding reddit, and helping launch travel search website Hipmunk. But the 30 year old New Yorker has become a prominent internet entrepreneur, activist, investor, and author.

His new book; Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed is about “his ideas, tips and even his own doodles about harnessing the power of the web for good“.

“Ohanian has come to personify the dorm-room tech entrepreneur, changing the world without asking permission. Within a couple of years of graduating from the University of Virginia, Ohanian did just that, selling reddit for millions of dollars. He’s gone on to start many other companies, like hipmunk and breadpig, all while representing Y Combinator and investing in over sixty other tech startups. WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION is his personal guidebook as to how other aspiring entrepreneurs can follow in his footsteps.”

Alexis is currently on a book tour, visiting college campuses across the country. They will be visiting UF and UCF in mid January, but have unfortunately not scheduled a date for FSU.

How we get them here

The tour’s website has the current tour dates but they are also available in this public Google Doc.
On their website it says “Want to make sure we visit… Email me & my team!”. That email address is:

So here’s what we do:
1. Email them and tell them why they should visit FSU.
2. Tweet to Alexis (@alexisohanian) using the hash tags #WTP, and #ComeToFSU and mention @ACMatFSU too!
3. Write a script that automatically replies to all his tweets asking “Are you and #WTP coming to FSU yet?” (optional)
4. Tell your friends to do the same!

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